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Coral Gables, Florida, Business and International Law Attorney

For more than 34 years, attorney Luis E. Rivera has provided legal advice and representation to clients with a diverse array of legal issues. At the Law Offices of Luis E. Rivera, we assist clients with their international law, business organization, probate, and family law problems by communicating directly with them about their goals and by staying accessible to answer their questions as they arise. Whether your case is as simple as an uncontested divorce or as complex as a multimillion dollar international investment, we will be personally accountable for your needs.

Bilingual attorney

Attorney Luis E. Rivera’s extensive experience in business and international law-including litigating a number of cases in Latin America-has allowed him to represent his clients’ business interests in a more timely and cost-efficient manner than many larger firms, who may need to employ third-party translators and legal specialists to reach the same results. But when our clients’ cases demand it, we can provide access to a network of auditing and financial professionals who can assist with other aspects of their legal issues. Contact our firm to speak with a qualified lawyer about your case.

Our firm assists clients with legal issues in the following areas of the law:

International law and investment: For US and Latin American investors alike, we provide the legal tools necessary for our clients to expand into new markets without frustration or setbacks.

Business organization and litigation: Whether our clients are starting a new business or restructuring, they rely on attorney Luis E. Rivera to help them manage the risks and avoid the legal pitfalls of operating a business.

Estate planning and probate administration: Our firm assists with all aspects of probate administration, making sure the decedent’s family is protected and the will is honored.

Family law: We provide aggressive divorce representation for clients who are in the process of getting a divorce. We also legally enforce the terms of a divorce against negligent spouses.

Initial consultation about your legal issue

If you think your legal matter may require a lawyer’s assistance, contact the Law Offices of Luis E. Rivera to schedule an initial consultation about your case.